Teak-Proteak’s Way

Whether you are in the market for teak decking, counter-tops, butcher blocks or cutting boards, Proteak is your source for beautiful conflict-free plantation teak wood products. At Proteak, we manufacture a range of goods that showcase the elegance, stability, and long-lasting durability of our top-quality teak wood.

Long a favorite with shipbuilders, furniture makers, and woodworking experts, teak wood’s natural ability to resist moisture, insects, cracking and warping make teak an ideal choice for outdoor applications, while teak wood’s rich exotic grain makes it highly desirable for designers and interior decorators.

Proteak’s renewably-harvested teak lumber is grown with a deep sense of environmental stewardship on the reclaimed ranch lands along Mexico’s Pacific coast, bypassing the high financial, environmental, and human costs of Southeast Asia’s teak trade. Not only are our teak wood cutting boards, teak butcher block carts, and teak table tops manufactured from FSC-certified organic teak wood, Proteak protects over 6,000 acres of virgin tropical forests adjacent to our plantations.

Teak Wood Cutting Boards

There is a reason that you see beautiful, wooden teak cutting boards in the kitchens of many famous chefs. That’s because teak wood offers a unique combination of functionality, elegance, and carefree maintenance. Teak wood boasts a naturally high level of oily resins, which gives the hardwood its trademark ability to repel moisture, warping, and other signs of aging. This not only helps your cutting board stand the test of time, but will preserve its elegant looks for years to come.

Each one of Proteak’s cutting surfaces is carefully designed to highlight the legendary beauty, durability, and performance of teak wood. Our butcher blocks, carving boards, and cutting boards are heirloom quality and will last a lifetime with a few simple cutting board care techniques.

Proteak offers three classic product lines to capture the perfect aesthetic for you kitchen.

  • End Grain Chopping Blocks – Designed to showcase the natural richness of our sustainably-produced teak and the performance sought by serious home chefs, end grain construction not only creates less wear on expensive cutlery, but integral to the design is a seal-healing property that resists knife marks.
  • Edge Grain Cutting Boards – These classic edge grain boards provide a stunning, long-lasting surface that’s easier on knife blades than other renewable options like bamboo.
  • The Marine Collection – These exceptionally functional boards offer the beauty and durability of teak in designs that are as appropriate for a cramped galley kitchen as they are for a luxurious designer kitchen.

At Proteak, we are proud to offer an environmentally friendly and conflict-free source of teak wood products. Our cutting boards and blocks are made from FSC-certified timber, harvested from our renewable plantations in Mexico and Latin America.