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Growing Sustainability

Applying common sense to forestry and business

From the outset, Proteak’s mission has been to provide consumers and suppliers with a top-quality and sustainable alternative to Burmese teak. Not only do we minimize our ecological footprint, but we ensure that our forestry practices provide our teak with the classic look and feel of old-growth teak.

Proteak’s sustainable forestry practices have earned the distinction of the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification. Our Forest Management certificate applies to our plantations, while the Chain of Custody certificate oversees our wood processing facilities. We are currently in the process of renewing our FSC Forest Management certificate.

Furthermore, we continue with our commitment towards the environment and society by observing the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Environmental and Social Action Plan. The IFC is a member of the World Bank Group.

Proteak’s sustainable achievements can be listed as follows:

  • Our forests currently cover more than 16,000 acres of reclaimed ranch land in Mexico and Costa Rica.
  • We protect over 3,000 acres of native forests.
  • On a daily basis, our plantations capture the CO2 emitted by 20,000 cars.
  • Our plantations provide jobs for 600 workers during the high-season in low-income areas of Mexico.
  • We pay above average wages and offer health benefits to all of our employees.
  • We have planted more than 6,000,000 trees and we are still growing.
  • We are the closest quality teak source to the continental United States, significantly reducing the amount of energy and emissions required to bring teak products from the plantation to your home.
  • Renewable wood products store carbon, permanently removing it from the atmosphere.

At Proteak, we are proud of our product and our values. Our engagement to sustainability and quality has helped us become one of the largest teak growers in the western hemisphere. We look forward to providing sustainable plantation teak for years and years to come.

For more information, feel free to download Proteak’s Public Summary of our Plantation Mangement Plans (Mexico and Costa Rica), the Public Summary for our Monitoring Plans (Mexico and Costa Rica), our Public Declaration and our EHS Policy.

For information regarding our eucalyptus plantations, please read the Public Summary of our Plantation Management Plan and the Public Summary of our Monitoring Plan.