Proteak has developed an integrated platform for the development of forest plantations, which not only allows consistently and reliably to obtain high productivity, but also provides the necessary control elements it needs throughout the whole cycle- from seed to harvest.

All these activities are developed in compliance to the Forestry Stewardship Council’s ® (FSC) guidelines, the most robust system worldwide that guarantees the development of socially, economically and environmentally sustainable forest plantation systems.

Proteak’s platform consists of four main stages:

First Stage- Land Acquisition: through an elaborate process of analyzing multiple factors, Proteak identifies high potential areas for the development of each species. Following, Proteak runs an acquisition protocol on each property, which includes aspects from soil analysis to background evaluation, both from a legal point of view and a usage point of view.

Second Stage- Preparation of Genetic Material: Proteak carefully selects the best available genetic material to plant in each property, as a result of an exhaustive genetic selection process. Proteak maintains specimen of its selected clones in their hydroponic nurseries located in Tabasco, which are propagated and maintained in optimal conditions in their greenhouse until they are sent to the field.

Third Stage- Soil Preparation and Planting: through an intense mechanized process, Proteak prepares the land to obtain optimal growth conditions evenly throughout the entire planting surface. Thus, Proteak seeks to ensure that each tree will be planted in adequate physical and chemical soil conditions according to each species.

Fourth Stage- Maintenance: during each cycle, Proteak executes a series of planned and unplanned activities to ensure that the plantation is always in optimal growth and performance conditions, suitable for the different uses each plantation has. Throughout a continuous monitoring of each plantation, Proteak determines the optimal time to perform its activities, since plague control to pruning or thinning.


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