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2000. Proteak started its forestry operations, establishing teak plantations on reclaimed cattle ranch land in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Starting with 182 hectares, it chose this site because the soil profile and precipitation levels were similar to those found in Southeast Asia, teak’s native land.

2006. During the following six year period, the planted surface increased to 284 hectares. Proteak also received its first subsidies from the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) through the ProÁrbol program. It also became the first Mexican forestry company to successfully certify its plantations according to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) standards, evidencing its sustainable forest management practices.

2007. In order to develop a commercial outlet for its first thinning operations, Proteak established Comefor and started manufacturing kitchen products, such as high-quality cutting boards.

2009. The planted surface reached 2,706 hectares. We received the National Forestry Merit Prize from Conafor and managed to increase its number of partners.

2010. After a decade of operating in the forestry sector, we received a first credit line from Financiera Rural and launched its Initial Public Offering for 890MM (USD 87MM). By the end of the year, its planted area reached 4,706 hectares.

2011. Proteak extended its forestry operations to Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, reaching 6,918 hectares. The acquisition of mature plantations in those countries allowed Proteak to start commercializing teak in Asia, Europe and North America. Regarding Research and Development, it built its first nursery and clonal garden, which allowed it to start plantations using only high-growth clones.

2012. Were marked by ambitious results. Financially, Proteak managed a credit extension from Financiera Rural and received a credit line from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which was also extended in 2013. Commercially, the company penetrated the Asian market with teak roundlog exports and ventured into the soft wood market with the acquisition of Forestaciones Operativas de Mexico (Fomex), with more than 8,000 has of eucalyptus.

2013. With this acquisition, Proteak started the development of Mexico’s largest forestry-industrial project that includes a high-tech MDF Plant in Tabasco.

2016. Proteak start operations in the MDF plant under the brand Tecnotabla.

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