Proteak has voluntarily become involved in a carbon credit certification process. The Fresh Breeze afforestation project covers 4,270 hectares of land, on which forest plantations for obtaining high-value, long-lived timber products and for sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will be established. The project activity is categorized as a grouped project due to the project foresees an average expansion of 1,200 hectares per year. It will be established in the states of Chiapas, Nayarit and Tabasco, Mexico.

Proteak firmly believes that carbon sequestration will significantly contribute to the mitigation of climate change. It also seeks to demonstrate that forest plantations are a viable instrument to encourage private investment in the forestry sector and afforestation projects in local communities.
The project will result in a significant contribution to sustainable development of Mexico, mainly through: i) increased employment and quality of employment; ii) rural development (decentralization); iii) increased gross value of production; iv) improved fiscal balance; v) biodiversity preservation and vi) improvement and preservation of soil quality.

The project crediting period will cover a 40 year span, starting from October 30 2009 to October 29 2049. It will be considered as a grouped project activity. It will remove an average of 387,906 tonnes of CO2 per year during the first 20 years crediting period.

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