Lentes de Teca de Proteak en Revista Central

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Proteak en Revista Enlace, Arquitectura Sustentable

Proteak en Revista Enlace, Arqutectura Sustentable

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REFORMA: Exporta Proteak madera a Asia

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EL NORTE: Apuesta Proteak a mercado asiático

EL NORTE Apuesta Proteak a mercado asiático

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MILENIO: Proteak, muy agresiva, levantando capital


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What can you build with Teak?

What can you build with Teak?

teak swimming pool

A summer sanctuary.

The summer is young. Use our teak lumber for poolside applications, its resistance to water has made it an excellent hardwood to use for shipbuilding, sidingdecking, and other outdoor structures. Our lumber, decking, and other building materials are all FSC certified and organically grown, so you can be sure that no chemicals will leach into your environment. Visit our flickr site to see pictures of the many other outdoor projects our teak has been used for.

A beautiful bedframe.  The beautiful patterns of teak wood make it an ideal wood for indoor applications.  Bedframes, dressers, lamp posts, countertops, sinks…. build it and they will come.  The pictured bed was a custom creation for one of our clients, with its sturdy construction and long lasting hardwood, this piece of furniture will be a staple of this bedroom for years to come.

A custom countertop.  We can create the perfect counter or table top for your clients restaurant, bar, or kitchen in both end and edge grains.  Design your own, or choose from our many standard sizes.  This kitchen set up features a counter top and kitchen cart, creating both stableand mobile workstations.

Show us what you can do! Email pictures to mnovak@proteak.com and we will happily show our fans your work.
Thanks for reading- Have a great August!
-Proteak Renewable Forestry
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Boletín: Expansión a Asia genera crecimiento impresionante para Proteak

Boletín Expansión a Asia

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New 321 Teak Wood Cutting Board by Proteak!

Proteak Presents………
The 321 End Grain Chopping Block

This 321 Rectangle End Grain chopping block is the newest in our End Grain collection.The thick and durable end grain construction is gentle on  knife blades while its smaller size allows end grain chopping blocks to be featured in smaller cooking spaces. Outfitted with a practical hand grip, the beauty and utility of Proteak’s end grain cutting boards will make this a fixture on your kitchen island for years to come. See this board in use on our Facebook page.
Last night while out in the garden, I thought I’d give this board a test run.  Earlier in the day on the Proteak Facebook page I saw blog post with a simple way to infuse herbs in olive oil.  Being a soapmaker by night, I always have lots of organic olive oil on hand so I thought Id give it a try. This past week in Texas we have gotten a good amount of rain, so my herb garden was up to the challenge!  Here is what I gathered.  You’ll see some fennel, thai basil, sage, and oregano.
The sage leaves were really dirty from all of the rain, so I rinsed them off, and chopped them up into pieces.  This 321 is the smallest of our end grain collection, making it the perfect size for light chopping jobs such as herbs and salad ingredients.  I like it because I can leave it on the counter for general use and still have lots of room for other activities.
The hand grips on this board in conjunction with its light weight makes this 321 chopping block easily movable while the weight of the thick end grain keeps it from sliding on the counter top.  At first I was afraid that this wood cutting board would be too small to do multiple things at once….. I quickly realized that I could chop on one side with enough room to use the other side for already chopped items.
After chopping up the herbs, I separated them into little piles and filled each of my ice cube lots up half way.
Finally, I poured olive oil over the herbs until they were completely covered and stuck them in the freezer.  What a great way to store summer herbs for winter cooking!  Tonight I will go home and transfer the frozen cubes into zip lock bags.
As one of my goals this year is to lessen food waste in my household, I think that I may switch from my bigger chopping block to this 321.  It will let me chop exactly what I need, no more, no less.  Its also very affordable at $35.99.  Want to try this out yourself?  Check out the original post here, the instructions are a bit more thorough and there is some beautiful food photography.

Try out the 321 yourself!  Find it here.

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A new FAO global Teak Resources and Market Assessment conducted in 60 tropical countries shows that natural teak forests are declining, while planted teak forests increase

Natural teak forests decline while planted teak forests increase

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IFC otorga a Proteak crédito por 10 millones de dólares, semana del 9 al 13 de julio de 2012

Clipping de Proteak semana del 9 al 13 de julio de 2012

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