Beautiful. Durable. Sustainable. Unique.

Teak Wood Carts



Proteak Renewable Forestry offers a distinctive line of teak wood products, all of which are manufactured from our sustainable plantation teak, grown in accordance with Proteak’s strict environmental and social standards. We plant a tree, log it, cultivate it, and transform it into beautiful teak products that you and your family can enjoy for generations.


Our cutting boards, butcher blocks, countertops and decking products are cut from top-quality plantation teak, which is not only beautiful, but also beautifully green. Our slow growth plantation teak is grown in a climate that closely mimics the most productive growing regions in Asia, ensuring that our plantation grown teak has the classic look and feel of Burma teak without the devastating effects of deforestation.

Proteak’s unique slow growth approach allows us to cultivate our teak without the used of fertilizers and irrigation, further reducing our timber’s ecological footprint. Our products offer consumers the unique ability to enjoy the beauty and durability of teak in a way that benefits the environment. Cultivated on the reclaimed ranch lands of dry tropical Mexico, Proteak’s renewably managed forests capture the emissions of 20 million cars daily.

Renewable forestry operations like Proteak’s help replant areas once cleared for livestock production, while at the same time reinvigorating the agricultural economy in Coastal Mexico. Our forestry operations employ workers at fair wages in traditionally low-income areas of Mexico, while offering teak products that cost 50% less than those constructed with old-growth teak.

Proteak’s products don’t only offer consumers an affordable way to bring the stunning look of teak into their homes, but also a chance to give something back.