Wood Countertops and Islands

Teak wood countertops are ideal for those who understand that countertops are not only the functional basis of a kitchen space, but also a chance to take your kitchen design to the next level. A highly sought-after material for cutting boards and butcher blocks, teak countertops allow home chefs to maximize their workspace while showcasing the natural beauty and durability of conflict-free, renewably-harvested teak.

With a variety of classic teak styles and sizes to choose from, Proteak offers designers an opportunity to choose the countertops that reflect their individual sense of style. In addition, you’ll feel good knowing that this style is backed up with a healthy dose of substance. Proteak’s countertop materials are grown on the reclaimed ranch lands along Mexico’s Pacific coast and don’t contribute to the deforestation of Southeast Asia’s tropical forests.

  • Proteak offers a reliable and conflict-free source of these exquisite countertops
  • Natural materials make each countertop entirely unique
  • A naturally high oil content gives teak its famous ability to resist moisture and maintain its appearance
  • Countertops and islands are available in face grain, edge grain, or end grain styles (finished or unfinished)
  • The Standard top features a face grain construction with square edges and a 1.5” thickness
  • Standard counter depth: 25”
  • Standard backsplash dimensions: 4” tall, ¾” thickness
  • Standard counter and backsplash widths: 48”, 72”, 96”, and 120”
  • Custom dimensions available

Teak End Grain Countertops

Proteak’s end grain countertops are designed to highlight the natural color and richness of our sustainably-produced teak. Offered in a thickness of 2.5 inches, these sturdy, custom sized countertops add the warmth and sophistication of teak in a visually stunning and environmentally-conscious package. All of our countertops are constructed from renewably-harvested teak from our FSC-certified plantations.

Teak Face Grain Countertops

Our face grain countertops offer the exotic wood grain of sustainable teak in dimensions that complement the modern kitchen. Offered in a thickness of 1.5 inches, Proteak’s face grain counters are available in standard lengths of 4, 6, 8 and 10 ft., with a standard depth of 25 inches. Custom sizes are available. All of our countertops are constructed from renewably-harvested teak from our FSC-certified plantations.

Proteak wood countertops and islands are sold in both custom dimensions and standard-sized blanks.


Available in end grain, face grain and edge grain. Finished or unfinished.

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