Teak Decking

It’s no secret that teak is ideally suited for outdoor applications. For centuries, teak has been preferred by shipbuilders and woodworking experts alike for its unparalleled ability to stand up to the elements. Due to its impressive durability and naturally rich aesthetics, teak is an excellent choice when it comes to decking materials. However, the ethical dilemmas and high costs associated this beautiful tropical hardwood have been so prohibitive in the past that many builders no longer consider it a viable option.

  • Reliable and conflict-free source of this incredibly
  • Beautiful decking material that holds a stunning golden-brown wood grain
  • Naturally high level of oily resins known as tectoquinones, which gives teak boards their famous ability to resist moisture, termites, acid and fungus.
  • High resin content is also responsible for resisting the warping and cracking that can occur over the life of your deck
  • High silica content gives its decking boards a natural non-slip coating
  • Available in 1 X 4 and 1 X 5 dimensions
  • Varied Lengths of 5 – 10 ft.

Proteak’s teak decking showcases a smooth and exotic beauty that’s not just skin deep. Proteak’s teak decking materials are grown on the reclaimed ranch lands along Mexico’s Pacific coast and don’t contribute to the deforestation of Southeast Asia’s tropical forests. When it comes to choosing a decking material to build that’s both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally-friendly, Proteak’s renewable decking is the best of both worlds.