Teak Flooring

Nothing adds warmth and sophistication to a home’s interior like beautiful teak flooring. Teak’s stunning grain and deep golden complexion make it an ideal choice for bringing the natural look into your home’s décor. Likewise, teak’s legendary durability and moisture resistance make teak flooring highly tolerant to the wear and tear of everyday life.

Proteak offers stunning, top-quality teak flooring sourced from our renewably managed plantations in Mexico and Latin America, so you can rest assured that your beautiful teak flooring doesn’t contribute to the deforestation of the Asian rainforest. Teak has long been considered one of the world’s finest woods, now it is among the most sustainable.

  • Proteak provides a reliable and conflict-free source of teak
  • Teak’s naturally high level of oily resins called tectoquinones allow it to repel moisture and warping
  • Available in both solid or engineered teak styles
  • Custom sizing available
  • Natural materials ensure that each piece is entirely unique