Teak Lumber

The incredible beauty and workability of teak lumber has given this material a legendary status with shipbuilders, furniture makers and designers alike. Ideal for is long-lasting durability and eye-catching wood grain, our teak is an excellent choice for those who understand that the lumber you select is often as important as the design itself.

Proteak’s slow growth plantations offer a reliable and conflict-free source of this beautiful lumber without contributing to the destruction of Southeast Asia’s tropical forests.

  • Teak’s exotic golden wood grain offers a unique aesthetic design
  • Natural resins give teak boards their famous ability to resist moisture, termites, acid and fungus
  • A high resin content helps teak resist warping and cracking
  • High silica content gives its decking boards a natural non-slip coating
  • Available in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4 dimensions
  • Varied Lengths of 4 – 10 ft.

For more information about our teak lumber please visit TeakYard.com

Select Teak

Cost: $$$

Applications:. High End Decking, High End Flooring, Architectural Applications, Siding, Kitchen Cabinetry, Exterior Furniture, Wine cellars, Paneling, Desks, Tables, Vanities, Showers, Bathroom remodels

Characterisics: +95% heartwood on one side, +75% Heartwood on the other side. No piths or cracks. No more than 4 sound knots allowable on each side.

Premium Teak

Cost: $$$$

Applications: Marine, Very high end furniture, Aviation applications, Veneer, Musical Equipment, Architectural Applications, Window frames, Door Frames.

Characterisics: +95% heartwood on one side, No pith or cracks, Some sound knots allowable.